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Renault Clio RS Side Skirt Extensions
Renault Clio RS Side Skirt Extensions
Renault Clio RS Side Skirt Extensions
Renault Clio RS Side Skirt Extensions

Renault Clio RS Side Skirt Extensions

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Custom Designed Side Skirt Extensions

Our custom made side splitters are a great way to give your car a more aggressive lower and wider look. But with only a 5mm depth, without the need to worry about scraping. Not only do they make your car look great, they also protect your bumpers from scuffs and grazes!


All of our kits are completely customisable, these options are:
-Side fins: These are the fins that come up on the sides of the splitter. These are all 1 piece attached on the standard material and bolt on (removable) for the TrackSpec material. If you would like bolt on (removable) on the standard please include that in the notes of the order.
-Material: Standard material is perfect for standard street usage, offering a perfect mix of strength and flexibility. Our TrackSpec material offers a stronger blend material for if you want the best for your street car or hitting high speeds on the track.
-Sizing: We are able to custom size our splitters, if you would like it shorter/longer/wider/narrower, please let us know and we can work out a size that suits your style.

If you have any questions about these options, please have a chat with us!


  • 2x Side Skirt Extensions
  • Mounting Hardware
  • E-Wing Aero Designs Sticker


Aluminium composite layering - UV resistant coating with replaceable rounded edging.

Why chose E-Wing Aero Designs splitters for your car?

We offer the most customisable splitter kits allowing you to have your own unique look made just for your style.
Because we use an aluminium composite material, you maintain your ground clearance with only a maximum 5mm of ground clearance loss. This means you are less likely to damage your car compared to other lip kits on the market.
Other materials like carbon fibre and PU plastic cracks on impacts and clear coats fade over time leaving an undesirable look on your car.
We use an industrial strength material to ensure the highest strength but also the highest quality finish. Our gloss black has a UV resistant coating, ensuring an excess of 10 YEARS perfect gloss black mirror finish that wont fade in the sun.