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Installation Guide

Below is our standard installation guide, different cars may slightly vary however these are the general guidelines to safely install the front splitter. Damage resulting from incorrect installation is not covered by warranty.

Front Splitter:
Step 1:  Remove the front bumper from the car (there are numerous videos and guides online on how to do this related to your model).
Step 2: Place the bumper on to the splitter and align with the back of the splitter and even space from the sides. If you have any type of clamp it's easier to clamp these in place.
Step 3: Drill 1/4" holes for the bolts evenly across from the top going down through the bumper and splitter at once, this will ensure they are perfectly aligned. Do not use holes that the bumper already has. Bolts should be placed as far towards the front inside of the bumper or at minimum the middle in depth under the bumper. This is key to stopping the front of the splitter from pulling down and scraping.
Step 4: Install the bolts with the lock nut on the inside of the bumper and a washer on the inside of bumper against the lock nut and the other below the splitter. Tighten in place ensuring the bumper does not shift on the splitter by checking the spacing on the rear corners as you go.
*You may have longer bolts that have carbon fibre tubing placed with them. These are usually for the centre of the front splitter to help level the splitter if the bumper curves upwards at all.
Splitter rods: drill small holes (6mm) where you chose the place the rods. Use a measuring point from the centre of the car to make sure they are symmetrical. Check that the silver screws in the side of the rod are very tight before driving and check again in a week or so to ensure they havent loosened under the change of force from the splitter.
Step 5: Re-install the bumper back on the car. The splash trays mounting holes may be covered, this is ok, tuck the splash trays on top of the splitter so they will not move, you may need to pull the bottom side of the bumper downwards when sliding back on to help the new bolts slide under any plastic pieces on the car it used to mount to.

Side Skirts:
Side skirts are simply installed with our provided screws. Simply hold in place (car jacks or a friend come in handy) and screw from under the car to the OEM side skirts. Width may be adjusted to your liking.

Rear Diffuser:
Please contact us, rear diffusers vary greatly between models.